Hook loader scale

Wireless hook loader weighing system ASK

Vehicle-mounted weighing systems are often a deeply integrated component and can be installed cost-optimized only during the construction of the vehicle. In addition, there are weighing applications on partly mechanically heavily stressed and moving parts such as, for example, Cranes and spreaders. Solutions in which power supply and signal cables must be wired often lead to regular service incidents with a considerable expense for repairs.


Not so with a KWS radio balance. The wireless weighing system developed by us works self-sufficient with its own power supply from a rechargeable battery.

Your advantages:

    • Can be retrofitted to existing vehicles
    • Easy installation by eliminating the weighing cell cabling
    • Long operating time by on-demand activation
    • Low service effort in case of error

The demountable body consists of the following parts

    • IT3000 weighing terminal with wireless base station
    • Optional with printer (SP298 or DP8340)
    • Cordellose weighing cell with rechargeable batteries
    • Optional external control buttons


    • Valid for Class IIII for all commercial goods
    • As up to 20t, resolution as low as 10 kg
    • Low weight and easy operation

The container is weighed directly at the customer's site with a settling container scale. Our system is characterized by the free-swinging recording of the weighing module. This does not interfere with interlacing and commuting during weighing. Also, the excess of the lifting load is reduced. In principle, the data of the superstructure balance apply. The settling container weighing up to 40 tonnes is permitted.