Body weighing

If the contents of silo vehicles, unloading tippers, skip dumpers and garbage trucks are to be weighed, then a construction scale is the right solution. The structure is fixedly connected to the weighing cells. These are mounted on the truck frame. 3 to 16 weighing cells can be installed (technically feasible). The container is placed on the weighing cells. The weighing system is susceptible to shock and does not need any fixation, i.e. It is not necessary to detach a detent to weigh. This means that you can drive and weigh without having to manipulate the weighing system.


The LCD weight display (weighing terminal) and the delivery note printer are located in the cab or control panel. This allows you to conveniently read the quantities of a product that has been delivered or accepted. Acknowledge the weighing process by pressing the print button.


Your advantages:

Weight measurement at any time and at any place

Easy reading of the quantity of a product

The customer has the assurance that he will receive what he pays for

The supplier knows that he has not delivered or disposed of a kilo too much unaccounted

With the customer, the storage containers can be filled not only according to the order, but according to actual demand (as much as fits into its storage container). The truck is filled to the limit at the exit. The actual dispensing quantity is weighed directly at the customer. The result is more sales, saving on travel costs and more efficient utilization of the vehicle fleet.


Technical data:


  • Terminal

  • Printer

  • Weighing cell type HK01

  • Montagesatz


  • Class III and IIII, suitable for all commercial goods

  • Weighing up to 40 t

  • TÜV Bayern tested (30 t) for ADR

  • Weighing cells IP68