Our History


Founder and chief executive officer (CEO)

Herbert Krickl


Krickl Weighing Systems – KWS, is an Austrian company located in Stockerau.


KWS arranges, develops and produces on board weighing and identification systems, which are sold in Europe.

KWS is one of the pioneers of mobile weighing. Herbert Krickl, the CEO, is working in the business since 1991. KWS produces since 2001.

If you don’t go forward, you go backwards, that’s why we are always evolving. Priority for us are the needs of our customers and the regulatory requirements.

All our certified solutions were made exclusive for our customer’s wishes and applications. We are improving these solutions continuously. Proven for our certificate and of the quality-management-system ISO9001:2008, we can reach the high quality and reliability challenges of our customers.

Our weighing systems are used in many different applications on the truck.


  • 1991: Development of on board weighing by Herbert Krickl

  • 1993: First national approval of the weighing system

  • 1996: development of our own weighing cell HK-01

  • 1997: Europe community approval for on board mounted weighing systems

  • 1998: approval of weighing systems for ADR dangerous goods transports

  • 1998: successful long time test with simulated performance of 860.000km

  • 2001: foundation of KWS KG

  • 2004: transformation of KWS KG to KWS GmbH

  • 2005: permission of recalibration for weighing systems in Austria achieved

  • 2005: certification for ISO 9001:2000

  • 2006: permission of declaration of conformity for weighing systems in EG achieved

  • 2007: evolving RFID systems

  • 2008: obtain innovation award “Innovationspreis Karl Ritter von Ghega”

  • 2009: obtain own certification and permission of declaration of conformity

  • 2009: company moves to new location called “Stockerau”

  • 2009: RFID for small and big bins ready for series production

  • 2014: obtain EU-approval for MID dynamic weighing system

  • 2015: obtain permission of declaration of conformity for dynamic weighing systems in EU

  • 2017: new weighing cell: HK05, HK06, HK13 and HK685


Our products are always forward-looking, market-conform and reach the high requirements of our customers. These requirements are our ideal, especially in the light of the modern, economic considerations of corporate management. Therefore are our main priorities.

Our products match the current technical standards and are certified for the law legislation in many different countries.

If requested, you can receive a copy of our certificates.

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